Econic Network Software Solution

The no debt, no risk path to positive cash flow

Calculate your Earnings

Help your customers find new revenue channels

Digital Cashflow Management

Econic Network improves cash flow and handles the movement of money. It does that predictably and transparently, for partners and their small business customers.

Data Dashboard
Customer and sales data is collected and managed in a data dashboard, simplifying cashflow planning and providing the insights needed to control costs for you and your customers.

Predictive Data
With accurate predictive information, any SMB can dynamically price sales while enhancing customer loyalty & revenue, just like the biggest commerce companies.

Creating Local Loyalty

Econic Network is optimized for local buying, not shopping. The platform converts local consumers into loyal repeat buyers.

Automated Loyalty
Customers are encouraged to buy the same things from the same local merchants through automated loyalty discounts.

Sales Automation
The system continually matches the best products and services to the best customers to maximize revenue and buying frequency.

Price Optimization

The Econic Network pricing engine automatically adjusts price based on loyalty and demand, while businesses arrange surge pricing around busy and slow hours.

Secure,Verified Local Commerce

Know Your Customer isn’t just for banks anymore.

Econic Network provides KYCs for businesses and partners, and for the first time, Know Your Seller is now offered for customers.

Enhanced Security
Enhanced verification protocols and mobile biometric security make this the most secure commerce platform available.

Fraud Prevention
When everyone is verified and know who they’re doing business with fraud, chargebacks and disputes are minimized.

Econic Network is an omnichannel sales platform

Econic creates ecosystems that power local commerce.

Web Store
Simple set up for our partners and your business customers, complete with web-based product and service sales, smart transactions, QR codes & emailed receipts.

Web Store+POS
Includes a dashboard and integrated POS for in-person sales. QR code mobile pay makes buying fast and easy.

Econic Network Mobile Business
Helps small businesses make more money and reduce operational costs. Includes automated loyalty rewards, optimized pricing, immediate payments and a data dashboard to manage cash flow.