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Econic partners are creating secure commerce networks.

Service Partners

Grow your business on our platform:
  • Create new right-priced service plans
  • Generate new recurring revenue
  • Foster a more sustainable client base
  • Bundle products and service with other partners
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Community Partners

Create secure local commerce communities
  • Offer new opportunities in training and employment
  • Help your members stabilize their cashflow
  • Generate recurring revenue from Econic subscriptions
  • A secure commerce ecosystem for your community

Technology Partners

Create your own white label product
  • Bundle within your existing customer onboarding
  • Increase your billing with new products and services
  • Generate a loyal and sustainable client base
  • Set the subscription fees your customers pay

No debt, no risk path to stable cash flow

  • Improves cashflow in 100 days
  • Creates more customer loyalty
  • Fixes the cost of tech
  • Removes credit card fees

We provide a complete marketing package

All the resources partners need to build your offer, market your solution,
and learn how to sell the Econic Network platform.


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